Aquasol Tanzania Limited


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Company Description

Aquasol (T) Ltd has established her business of fish farming, integrated farming and Food processing Industry in Tanzania to enhance the contribution of fisheries to food and livelihoods security. The project is in Bunda district planed to be rolled in other regions in Lake Victoria zone (in Tanzania). However, the company will deal with provision of education (extension) related with fish keeping to the local community. Problem: There is a limit supply of fish from wild catch that has made demand of farmed fish to go up in Tanzania. Nonetheless, the primary threat undermining the food and nutrition security potential of fisheries results from ineffective management coupled with poor conservation of habitats. Moreover, from a number of feasibility studies conducted in Tanzania, there is a huge uncovered market for Nile Tilapia fish in Tanzania, whereby main buyers of fish are individual households, hotels and restaurants.

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