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Monday, November 1, 2021

Triller Driver at KEDS Tanzania Company Ltd


Job Title :Triller Driver

Job Description

Securing Cargo

  • Trailer drivers need to ensure that any cargo they’re transporting is fully secured to the trailer, using blocks,chains, covers, or ropes. They need to ensure that transportation meets safety compliance and regulations.

Maintaining a Record of Hours

  • Trailer drivers carry out various deliveries throughout the course of the day, maintaining a record of each of these, along with their working hours be cross-referenced if issues arise in the future, as well as for compliance with federal and state regulations.

Reporting Issues

  • Trailer drivers report mechanical issues or problems with a delivery to their line manager, ensuring a thorough of the problem is kept for future records.

Qualifications for the for the Position

  • Five years experience ,Vilid Driving License,and High School Diploma