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Friday, October 1, 2021




Job Description


i. Minimize cost to the business by fully utilizing all resources within the team.

ii. Direct Activities related to dispatching, routing and Tracking Transportation vehicles

iii.Plan, Organize and Manage the work of Subordinate staff to ensure that the work is ac complished in a manner consistent with the Organization requirement.

iv. Support the Transport Manager in ensuring that customer relationships are built on integrity and professionalism.

v. Dealing with defective equipment and gaining authorization where needed for repairs to be carried out in a timely manner, so not to affect the depot trailer availability.

vi. To perform any other duties that will be assigned by the Transport Manager.

Other Skills:

i.Quick decision-making and problem-solving abilities

ii.Goal oriented and organized

iii.Attentive to Details and able to Multitask

iv.Confident, proactive and willing to take on workplace challenges


i.Bachelor Degree in Transport Management, Procurement & Logistic or any other Related Field.


i.  A Candidate must possess an Experience At least Three Years in Similar Roles within the Transport Operations or Planning.

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