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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

FMCG Marketing Officer at Sunda International in Dar es Salaam

 FMCG Marketing Officer at Sunda International

Job Description

This job will be based in Dar es Salaam.

Job Description:

• Daily sales work:  To collect sales orders / urge customers to place orders, assist customer service to complete the billing;

Sales data analysis: To analyze the weekly and monthly sales of the responsible customer, find out the abnormal sales and analyze the abnormal situation;

Expand channels:  To develop new customers and help customers sink their channels;

Market information: To collect market information, such as changes in prices and promotions of competing products, other promotional actions of competing products, supply and inventory of competing products, customer feedback on our products, customer operations, etc.

Participate in adjusting market strategy: to provide suggestions on the adjustment of the next market strategy based on the collected market information; 

Participate in adjusting market strategies;

Customer relationship maintenance: To talk to customers, collect customer suggestions, if there are negative emotions, reassure customers and solve complaints;


Creative, and good at communication;

Must have experience of running social media and creating contents;

At least be expert in one graphics software: Adobe illustrator, Adobe photoshop…etc;

A degree in graphic is preferred;

Know market and have experience of marketing campaign.