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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

BMMC Marketing Officer at Sunda International


Job Description:

  • Responsible for new product listing projects; according to the monthly new product listing information table, arrange new product samples and dispatch samples;
  • According to the monthly new product sampling plan; follow up the design and production of the new product bill of materials, hanging flags, price tags, and brick stickers to ensure the timeliness of the materials, distribute the market materials to various regional sales staff, and arrange for distribution to the store ; Responsible for the standardized training of new products on the market and material sampling; Responsible for the follow-up of the store patrol report;
  • Responsible for implementing each node of the new product listing process and forming a weekly work progress report;
  • Responsible for the development of various work of the Fundi, follow up the achievement of the KPI indicators of the Fundi throughout the year; Responsible for the collection and entry of Fundi’s points
  • Responsible for branch advertising and result feedback;


  1.  Bachelor degree of above in related filed.
  2.  Have rich knowledge of marketing skills.

Location: Dar es Salaam

Business Trip Frequency: Often