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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Manager at ubongo


We’re looking for a Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Manager to lead our monitoring, evaluation, and learning efforts. You’ll work closely with our Head of Education, CEO, COO, internal team, and external research partners to bring all of their work together and to create and implement a long-term, monitoring, evaluation, and learning strategy.


1. Developing, implementing, and owning an organization-wide monitoring, evaluation, and learning strategy

  • We are a learning organization. Therefore it is expected that you will take the lead (with support from the CEO, Education, and Research team as well as the Operations team) to develop an organizational MEL strategy that measures (amongst other things) specific learning outcomes.
  • Owning overall MEL strategy and coordinating implementation with both the Ubongo team and our research partners.
  • Leveraging lean data for continual monitoring in situations where we cannot afford to do in-depth studies.
  • Linking our learning from impact evaluations that are done to the internal goal setting that we do (OKRs)

2. Leading the team on evaluating the educational impact of our products (as well as reach), so that we can prove that we are improving learning outcomes for children and their communities

  • Ensuring that our products are rigorously evaluated and that learnings from this testing are fed back into product development
  • As well as studying the data we have you will need to be able to create ways in which the data that needs to be studied can be gathered. So that means creating new data-gathering methodologies.
  • Managing external research partners (including the University of Maryland, and graduate student researchers) conducting research and assessments of Ubongo edutainment in various geographies across Africa
  • Creating a reporting framework for partners who use our content in their programs.


3. Analysing, summarising, and sharing results and learnings across the organisation and externally

  • Analyzing, summarizing, and sharing results & learnings internally with our team (in such a way that is easy to consume) and externally with partners, to ensure that everyone is up to date.
  • Keeping the Ubongo team up-to-date on best practices and relevant work in MEL, and making sure we stay on the cutting edge!
  • Suggest to the team the most appropriate MEL software/tools that can be used
  • Training Ubongoers and building on the existing capacity of our MEL in the company and the importance of establishing the correct measurement tools
  • Bringing together all of our previous M&E work (including experimental studies, longitudinal research, surveys and reach data) for internal learning.