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Monday, June 7, 2021

Managing Director at Beekeeping city of Tanzania






Beekeeping city of Tanzania is the private company which was registered in November, 2019 under the companies Act No 12, 2002 with registration No 140412074.The main aims of a company is to undertake Service Management contracts with companies or individuals willing to invest in beekeeping industry for the purpose of producing, processing and parking all types of beekeeping production and value addition to all kind of bee products. It is a fast-growing company that aims at transformation traditional beekeeping practices into Morden and commercial beekeeping enterprises in Tanzania.


Currently the company has established a 50 acre Beekeeping farm in Iglanson in Singida region that will be used to demonstrate Morden and commercial beekeeping enterprises. Due to its expansion, the company is now looking for young and energetic individual to fill the position of Managing Director.


The following are duties and responsibilities for BCT Managing Director


A.        Management and administration duties and roles


       Manage technical and supporting staff working in the company


       Participate in the hiring of the company staff


       Be able to prepare quality reports for the board of Directors on monthly basis


       Be able to develop supervision tools to manage beekeeping project effectively


       Motivate company staff


       Supervise company staff


      Keeping records for all assets of the company


B.        Technical skills for management of apiary services


       Raise and care for BCT honeybee colonies, responsible for building and maintaining beehives, inducting wild swarms, collecting honey and royal jelly, removing hive parasites and maintaining the health of the hive.


       Sterilize or destroy hives and cultivate queen bees for commercial purposes.

       Assembling beehives to desired specifications.


       Insert honeycombs and induct wild swarms into prepared beehives.


       Forcing bees from a hive using a smoke pot to inspect the hive and retrieve honey. He or should also have experience in collecting honey and royal jelly.


       Destroying excess queen bee cells to prevent the division of a colony.


       Scraping out hive parasites and removing vermin.


       Destroying diseased bee colonies.


       Cultivating queen bees for sale to other Apiarists.


       Arranging the sale of honey to local and international buyers.


       Splitting colonies.


Experience and skills required:


      A diploma in apiary from recognized college or university is preferred.


       A degree in beekeeping, or forest from recognized university will be added advantage.


      Proven work experience as a Beekeeper.


      Excellent knowledge of plant and animal biology.


      Ability to remain calm in stressful situations.


      Basic woodworking skills.


      Ability to lift heavy objects.


      Ability to work flexible hours.


      Ability to work unsupervised.


      Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions.


If you feel that you have qualifications for the position above, send your application letter to Human Recourse Officer, BCT Company, P. O Box 236, Singida, Tanzania not later than 15 June 2021 at 5.00pm through the following email address: