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Sunday, April 4, 2021

3 Job Opportunity at TMA

Job Vacancies: (3) Positions)




TMA is one of the leading Non-Governmental Organizations in research, mentorship, and consultancy in Tanzania.  It was established to strengthen the national and international economic inclusive development, governance, programmatic and fiscal accountability through the use of broad spectrum of resource database of Mentors and researchers in Finance, Management, ICT, Human Resources and Governance.


Currently TMA is seeking one Public Finance Management (PFM) consultant and three (3) employees to cover vacant positions as indicated below. The incumbent should have relevant working experience and skills as indicated in the respective positions.


A.   Public Finance Management Expert /Consultant (1 Position)


Background to the Assignment

TMA is one of the subcontractors implementing Public Financial Management Reform Program V in in Tanzania (“PFMRP-V”). The project is funded by UK Department for International Development (DFID) The goal of the project is to provide Technical Assistance (TA) to the Government of Tanzania President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) and Tanzania’s 26 Regional Secretariats to ensure staff in central and local government have the necessary skills to design, implement, operate and evaluate Public Financial Management (PFM) reform. This is the fifth phase of the PFMRP, which began in 1998. PFMRP-V has seven strategic objectives: The PFM Expert required will support Shinyanga and Tabora regions and she/he will be based in Shinyanga region with frequently travelling to Tabora region to provide technical Assistance.

1.     SO1: Improved macro-economic management (prudent fiscal, tax and debt policies) provides the basis for a credible budget

2.     SO2: Resources efficiently allocated on a medium-term basis in alignment with national priorities

3.     SO3: Budget executed as planned and timely and accurate reporting is available

4.     SO4: Strengthened internal controls and better procurement practices contribute to improved financial accountability

5.     SO5: Effective control and oversight of PFM functions by oversight institutions

6.     SO6: PFM systems and outcomes in Local Governments are improved

7.     SO7: PFM systems and outcomes in Zanzibar are improved


The PFMRP-V strategy includes dedicated support for PFM reforms at the regional and local level across all 26 regions, building on a pilot initiative in 10 regions under PFMRP-IV. This work falls under Strategic Objective 6: PFM systems and outcomes in Local Governments are improved’ for which the key sub-objectives are:

6.1        Improved resource allocation, planning and budgeting in Local Government Authorities (LGAs)

6.2        Improved revenue management and enhanced revenue mobilization

6.3        Effective budget execution and reporting by LGAs

6.4        Improved expenditure management in LGAs

6.5        Improved oversight, audit and transparency

The technical assistance has the specific objective of transferring skills on PFM reform design and management to selected senior staff as part of institutionalizing in-house technical support on PFM.

This document describes the Terms of Reference (ToR) specific to the Regional PFM Expert position for this assignment and should be read in conjunction with the overall Terms of Reference for the programme. The DFID Terms of Reference for the PFMRP-V programme is attached at Appendix 1.


1.     Overall Responsibilities of the Regional PFM Expert/Consultant

In the delivery of the services, the Regional PFM Expert/Consultant will be accountable to the nominated Senior Regional PFM Expert and through them to the Team Leader.  Key working relationships with the team will not be limited to those to whom Regional PFM Expert is accountable to.

The primary role of the Regional PFM Expert/Consultant will be to deliver capacity building activities of the programme in two nominated regions as specified during mobilisation.

The general responsibilities of Regional PFM Expert/Consultant are to provide technical assistance and support the Regional Secretariats (RS) in their appointed region and conduct the following core tasks:

i)     Build skills of RS and the team responsible for PFM reform at Regional level in overall programme management including general management, resource planning, quality assurance, and internal monitoring and reporting.

ii)    Provide dedicated technical support and assistance to develop technical and managerial capacity within the Regional Secretariat and LGAs.

iii)  Coordinate with and support the central TA team and PO-RALG for effective programme coordination and delivery.

iv)  Facilitate RS/LGA participation in nationwide regional review meetings (2nd and 4th quarter) and sub-national review meetings (1st and 3rd quarter), including support to RSs to contribute effective reporting and feedback.


2.     Specific Responsibilities of the Regional PFM Expert/Consultant

In a programme such as PFMRP-V there will be new responsibilities and tasks identified regularly. Revisions of work schedules, specific responsibilities and tasks will be necessary from time to time, depending on demands of the Client, operational developments within PFMRP-V, and political developments within Tanzania and its government. As such, the Regional PFM Expert will be expected to deliver services in a flexible manner that responds to new and emerging requirements.

Key duties for this role will be:

Capacity Building and Provision of Technical Assistance

  •   Assess PFM capacity of Regional Secretariats (RS) and Local Governments Authorities (LGAs) in two allocated regions.
  •    Develop a strategy for effective capacity development to support Regional Secretariats (RS) and Local Governments Authorities (LGAs) in two allocated regions.
  •      Deliver technical assistance and support RS and LGAs in two allocated regions.
  •       Conduct capacity building activities for LGAs (including classroom training, mentoring and coaching) ensuring capacity gains are institutionalised.
  •     Follow up on classroom training to reinforce learning objectives and sustainable skills transfer.
  •       Identify key counterparts where day-to-day technical and mentoring support could be provided.  Recommendations should be made on those officials that should be prioritised based on their functional role and possible impact of the capacity support (i.e prioritise opportunities for real gains from willing and able officials).
  •       Suggest an approach that will balance capacity development by advisors with the delivery of technical products.
  •       Strengthen PFM stakeholder networks and support resources across two allocated regions.
  •        Contribute to cross-regional knowledge sharing and learning across the programme.
  •      Collect and consolidate regional reports relating to allocated regions.

  •        Collect analyse and document lessons learned based on both reporting and implementation experiences.
  •         Report to the Team leader on a monthly basis regarding substantive and financial progress achieved of allocated regions


3.     Reporting Requirements

The Regional PFM Expert/Consultant will provide progress reports to the Team Leader. These will include, but not be limited to:

  •       PFM capacity assessment report of the allocated RS and LGAs
  •     Monthly reports outlining substantive and financial progress achieved in allocated regions
  •     Quarterly summary reports outlining substantive and financial progress achieved in allocated regions
  •      Other reports that might be required from time to time to facilitate the delivery of the project objectives.
  • The reporting formats will be detailed during the Inception Phase and provided to the Regional PFM Expert.


4.     Key Performance Indicators

TMA in collaboration with DFID and prime contractor may conduct a Performance Assessment or appraisals at any time to review the performance of Regional PFM Expert/Consultant. Key performance indicators[1] are as follows.

  • 1.     Compliance with and understanding of TMA /DFID regulations and processes.
  • 2.     Timeliness and accuracy of reporting and deliverables.
  • 3.     Effectiveness of collaboration and communication with other members of the PFMRP-V team.
  • 4.     Responsiveness to requests and instructions.
  • 5.     Ability to maintain and build relationships with the client and key stakeholders that are amicable, productive, mutually beneficial and conducive to a long term relationship, fostering the institutionalisation of capacity gains.
  • 6.     Work flexibly and reactively in a changing political and policy environment
  • 7.     Ability to provide a solution-oriented approaches




5.     Location of Services

The Regional PFM Expert will oversee capacity building activities of the programme in two regions namely Shinyanga and Tabora regions.  The candidate will be based in Shinyanga regions with frequently travelling to Tabora region up to 40% of her time. The Regional PFM Expert will propose to the Team Leader and Project Manager one location as the primary location. Final approval will be required by the Project Manager.

Occasional travel to Dodoma will be required during the course of services.


6.     Key Experience and Competencies Required


·        A master’s degree or PHD in the areas of PFM

·        Demonstrated experience in technical assistance and capacity building of PFM for local government for more than 10 years

·        Strong attention to detail.

·        Able to demonstrate integrity – particularly in relation to prevention of / response to fraud.

·        A candidate with CPA will have an added advantage


B.  Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and Project Proposal Development Manager (1 position)



·        At least a master’s degree in Monitoring and Evaluation, statistics, economics or any other related field from a recognized institution.

·        A minimum of three years international experience, including development programs.

·        Knowledge on monitoring and evaluation methodologies

·        Experience in designing and managing monitoring and evaluation data.

·        A minimum of four years substantive experience in a field relevant to this position.

·        The candidate should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the International requirements and formats for proposal development

·        The ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, stressful environment.

·        Must have experience developing positive, professional relationships with clients, colleagues, or business partners.

·        Interpersonal skills are tremendously important as the candidate will be the primary interlocutor with government and international organization officials, and must set a positive, motivating and constructive tone for mentees/advisees.


Duties of the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

·        Develop systematic monitoring technique to govern the Organization

·        Develop and implement evaluation framework to lead the Organization.

·        Assist in preparation of logic framework especially performance indicators and their measurement

·        Update individual quartile activities and time frame considering the basics of evaluation.

·        Support report writing and quality control Committee.

·        Assist the management in decision making in accordance to indicators.

·        Encourage positive changes of the organization for the benefit of all.

·        Assist the TMA limited in enhancing project management skills and writing project proposals by gathering information on project nature, objectives/ outcomes, outputs, deliverables, project implementation,

·        Help the Organization in determining proposal concept by identifying and clarifying opportunities and needs.

·        Coordinate requirements for the project from different stakeholders involved in the project proposal writing.

·        Develop training materials on project management and writing project proposals that will include in-house training of TMA Staff, members and Mentors.

·        Build capacity by providing day-to-day mentoring to TMA staff and Mentors on project proposal writing.

·        Maintain current knowledge of Budget, Human Resource, and strategic and other significant documents related to Government and Private Sectors and other organizations that would be helpful in developing project proposals.

·        Liaise with the Government of Tanzania and other development partners and other agencies as needed for the purpose of developing proposals and projects




C.   Human Resource Officer (1 position)


Qualifications for Human Resource Officer

·        At least Bachelor’s degree in human resource management, Health Systems Management, Public administration or any other related field from a recognized institution.

·        A person who can work in the complex settings environment  with minimum supervision

·        A person with written and Fluent in English and Swahili with ability to express himself/herself both in oral and written communication.

·        Good interpersonal skills

·        Knowledgeable on using Virtual technology in communications and Functional computer skills

·        General leadership and organizational skills

Duties for Human Resource Officer

·        Office maintenance and records keeping

·        Prepare and attend meetings

·        Prepare leave roaster to all staff

·        Monitor time sheets and performance for all staff

·        Facilitate Staff movements from their working stations for implementation of projects and other activities

·        Facilitate development of individual work plans

·        Monitor implementation of Individual work plans

·        Ensure resource center maintenance

·        Maintain staff administrative procedures while conducting their daily activities

·        Ensure all policies are registered and maintained

·        Facilitate staff training to ensure high productivity

·        Coordinate TMA compliance as per NGO acts and regulations


Application Process

·        Please submit your cover letter, updated CV and contact information for three references, not later than 14th April 2021 before 5.00pm to [email protected]

·        All application later should be address to Chief Executive Officer, Tanzania Mentors Action, BOX 4278, Dodoma.

·        Hard copies, personal visits or phone calls to this office are discouraged.      

·        Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.