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Friday, February 5, 2021

Tuk -Tuk Drivers at Sokowatch- Dar es salaam


Tuk -Tuk Drivers

Dar Es Saalam,  

Job Description

About Us:

Sokowatch is transforming communities across Africa by revolutionizing access to essential goods and services. By connecting small shops to the digital economy, we fix inefficient supply chains and provide services previously unavailable to informal businesses. Sokowatch aims to provide everything a retailer needs, no wholesalers or banks necessary.

Thousands of retailers across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda use Sokowatch's mobile ordering and delivery platform to receive the goods they need as quickly and cheaply as possible while also accessing growth financing for the first time. We’re looking to grow our team with highly talented and motivated employees who are excited to work in a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment.

Our Vision

Dominate the duka market across Africa by being their #1 partner for all goods and services by 2021. Sokowatch will provide everything a duka needs, no wholesalers or distributors necessary.

Sokowatch is looking for indiviaduals with Tuk tuk experience and a valid Drivers License, Bring a copy of your DL and National ID

Location: Morocco Uporoto Street House no 57, 0673166607 Call for Directions