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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tracker at Alistair Group


About the job

Our Trackers are important to our business because they ensure our trucks arrive at their destinations safely. A Tracker’s job is to monitor the location of a truck using the GPS system. A Tracker keeps track of truck fleets, and ensures that the vehicles are being used accordingly; they are also vital in recovering trucks in the event of a truck being stolen. Do you have what it takes to be a Tracker?

Essential Skills:

·         Clear communication skills ensuring clear and candid information.

·         Computer Literacy to effectively operate and manipulate online management systems.

·         Faultless administration skills ensuring accurate and efficient procedures.

·         Problem solving skills to ensure obstacle to progress are overcome.

2. Qualifications:

·         A minimum of Certificate or Diploma in any relevant discipline and/or equivalent vocational. experience in Transport / Logistics service support.

·         Fluent English and Kiswahili.

·         IT Literacy.

3. Overall Purpose

·         To work as part of a team in the tracking call centre and function as a vehicle tracking operator.

4. Accountabilities & Responsibility Area

·         Responsible for monitoring and recording truck location and status.

·         Communicate any issue that prevents the efficient transit of Alistair Group Cargo to operations & support staff.