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Friday, February 19, 2021

Senior Operations Managerat CVPeople Tanzania



Senior Operations Manager

CVPeople Tanzania | Full time

Dar es Salaam , Tanzania | Posted on 02/18/2021

Job Description

Job Responsibilities Overview: The Senior Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that the organization carries out its operations in an appropriate, cost-effective way while managing the availability and allocation of key resources that enable said operations. Job Duties: Performance Management of Operations Team

·         Provide inspired leadership for the department which covers the functional areas of Office Administration, Fleet Management, Inventory Management & Warehousing, Distribution and Procurement & Customs Clearance.

·         Help promote a company culture that encourages top performance and high morale.

·         Develop, implement and review operational policies and procedures.

·         Play lead role in the recruitment / selection / training / allocation / coaching / counseling and guiding the professional growth of the Operations team staff

·         Identify and address operational problems and opportunities for the company

Fleet Management

·         Ensure deliveries and distributions are made on time and the required vehicles are available and operating as required

·         Track and monitor how the function is performing in terms of efficiency as well as in terms of cost drivers

·         Manage fleet vendor relations to ensure that quality of service is optimal and vendor relationship remain strong/positive

·         Empower the team to produce timely, accurate reports with actionable insights to be used for the continuous improvement of fleet operations

Inventory Management
·         Ensure security and tracking of inventory through systems, process & physical counts.
·         Inventory caretaking, ensuring systems are maintained in good working order (batteries charged, panels cleaned).
·         Empower the team to produce timely, accurate reports with actionable insights to be used for the continuous improvement of inventory management & warehousing operations

Logistics & Distribution

·         Design and improve logistics strategy to ensure product components are available to Sales and Service as needed.

·         Design and improve the systems to support the logistics strategy.

·         Manage movement of inventory among office and hub network.

·         Provide weekly analysis and reports of inventory location, status, and trends.

·         Empower the team to produce timely, accurate reports with actionable insights to be used for the continuous improvement of logistics & distribution operations

Purchasing & Order Importation & Clearance

·         Manage the order and distribution of fast-moving assets.

·         Manage purchasing in coordination with Finance.

·         Coordinate with management on timing, composition and quantity of product orders.

·         Work closely with clearing agents, transportation and other agents in the process.

·         Manage the timely clearance of inventory, working closely with TRA, TBS and other customs stakeholders, as needed, to ensure the proper classification and treatment.

·         Oversee the use of and further improvement of procurement/purchase tracking tools

Office Administration

·         Oversee the development, review, and improvement administrative systems, policies, and procedures.

·         Oversee the Office Admin team’s coordination with accounting and management team to set budgets, monitor spending, and processing payroll and other expenses.

·         Empower and build the team’s capacity in coordinating and running region-specific events and special projects

Skills and Qualifications:

·         Logistics: at least 5 years managing complex distribution networks 

·         Inventory Management: at least 5 years managing valuable, fragile inventory 

·         Importation: at least 3 years managing importation and clearance activities 

·         Asset Management: experience tracking internal assets and ensuring appropriate use

·         Education: bachelors degree in a relevant field required and masters preferred.

·         Computer literacy, including inventory-tracking systems, both mobile and desktop; proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. · Systems Design: experience designing & implementing systems for complex processes