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Friday, February 12, 2021

Senior Communications And Public Engagement Officer at World Vision



% of time


End Results


Monitors implementation of internal communications for public engagement strategy with a clear annual work plan and budget and produce key internal communications messages, products and tools to support the organization to reach its strategic communication outcomes

Communicate Country Strategy to public and objectively executing implementation of communications for public engagement strategy in line with achieving overall goals of Country’s program.


Manage, update and promote the WV Tanzania Website and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) to internal and external audiences, especially to donors and the public

Increase visibility of our interventions and public engagement through social media response.


Develop and enhance tools, materials, channels and electronic interfaces such as the intranet to facilitate appropriate and effective flows of internal information and communication to staff.

Pro-active and Increase response of content request for Supporting Offices, and knowledge generation of our intervention to staff and regional office.


Oversee the application of WVI communications branding policy across all internal products, build strong brand presence and assist staff in implementing the brand guidelines as appropriate

Increase standardization of branding across all produced internal and external products.


Produce consistently and timely feature stories and photos for sharing with World Vision Partnership-wide website, intranet, the World Vision Tanzania website and all departments.

Engaging and capacitating APs teams in developing evidence-based content on monthly in increasing visibility of WVT in online platforms.


Work with print and broadcast media to generate proactive and positive news coverage for important media opportunities and interviews that promote and protect the public image and ministry of WVT

Strengthening media relation and increase WVT presence in regional, national and global media. Monitoring and sharing media mentions with staff.


Produce emergency communications messaging and products (web-based situation reports, stories and photos) and ensure internal audiences are informed and updated in a timely manner

Collaborates to build a communications (or external engagement) strategy and plans in order to support response leaders, response and Partnership strategic objectives. Sharing of current status of emergency support through stories and in commemoration of International Days e.g., International Day of Refugees.


Develop and design content for internal newsletter for staff

Monthly sharing of ND Newsletter through emails.





Required Professional Experience

A person with three years working experience in the field of communications and public engagement. With strong knowledge of media industry in the country. He/she must be critical and possess writing and editing skills. The candidate must know how take photos and videos for documentation. He/she must be innovative and knows design applications. Understanding of INGO is added value.

Required Education,

training, license,

registration, and


Bachelor Degree in Journalism, Mass Communications or Public Relation

Preferred Knowledge

and Qualifications

  1. English language fluency (written and verbal)
  2. Excellent writing skills, with photographic and video skills also preferred
  3. Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff and public
  4. Demonstrated experience in using website programs
  5. High level of confidence and confidentiality
  6. Graphic Design skills for materials to be shared online platforms.

Travel and/or

Work Environment


Office – Based with Frequent Travel to field





30% of field travel



Kiswahili and English



Contact (within WV or outside WV)

Reason for contact

Frequency of contact

All APs, Clusters

These are field offices that Comms and Public Engagement are frequent engage.


Media Houses

We need profile our work through media engagement; newspapers articles, live talk shows, etc.


Supporting Offices

We have request of content from Supporting Offices, as such we respond to the quest.

Pro-active developing interest story per Support Offices area of fund.

Upon Request


Donor Organisation

Different Grants have different requirements for visibility of the works as such support project teams to respond to the requirements.

Upon Request


The deadline for submitting the application is 21 February, 2021