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Friday, February 5, 2021

Freelance Business Executives at Mwananchi Communications

Freelance Business Executives

Morogoro, Arusha, Mwanza

Job Summary

To develop, maintain and increase a solidly dependable client base, to sell advertising space and provide an effective service to clients so as to maximize advertising sales volumes and revenue targets.

Full Job Description

·         Thoroughly familiarizes oneself with comparative (own and competition) readership, circulation and rates and cost of advertising in all print and electronic media.

·         Identifies potential advertising clients, studies their business, current and potential customers and to convince the clients the value and benefits of advertising in newspapers and publications published by the Company.

·         Executes sales by discussing and obtaining accurate client requirements, size of advertisements, dates for insertion and price and obtains confirmation signatures of the authorized client representative.

·         Assists clients in the preparation of the advertising copy and leases with the Graphic Designer for professional advice on artwork.

·         Prepares daily call plans and reports and discusses them with the Classified Sales Manager and reports any problems encountered for assistance and guidance.