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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Nafasi ya Kazi Livestock Manager - Morogoro, Tuma Maombi Kabla ya Tarehe 10 October 2018

Livestock Manager

Type: Full Time
Category: Agriculture
Location: Morogoro
Other Categories: Management ,
Job Level: Manager

Roles and Responsibilities
Stock Management:
• To maximize stock health and performance in balance with ensuring optimal pasture management on a daily, weekly and annual basis.
• Special attention to be given to seasonal stocking ratios to ensure a focus on key classes of stock.
• To ensure target weights are achieved in a timely manner and that stock are presented in an optimal state to their given market.
• Timely organization and implementation of the main stock priorities, including but not limited to shearing, docking, dagging, weaning, scanning, trucking and TB testing’s in conjunction with farm policies.
• Contribute to the setting of farm policies, including the development programme, projected livestock increases versus livestock performance and understanding the annual budget requirements in conjunction with management.
• Record keeping including stock performance and live weights, cattle diagnostics, stock tallies (monthly stock reconciliation), rainfall, soil temperature, week and pest monitoring, hours kept by casual staff, vehicle maintenance and a full and comprehensive diary.
• Attendance at any off-farm field days, discussions groups or further education as required for either personal or professional development as agreed on by management.

Animal Health
• Monitor cattle health status and maintain accurate records in accordance with farm policies.
• Ensure all cattle health treatments are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, specifically adhering to the outlined dose rate, stock suitability and associated withholding periods.
• Abide by safe handling practices when handling and administering sprays, dips, drenches or any other Ag-Chem products.
• Formulating feeding ratios, methods and fattening programs

Educational Qualifications
Bachelors Degree in Horticulture or any related field such as livestock management / ranch management
Experience Requirements
• 5 years of livestock management experience
• Experience in managing large cattle stocks
• Knowledge on fattening cattle
• Experience in hauling agricultural equipment