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Monday, July 30, 2018

Nafasi ya Kazi Senior Manager, Credit Risk Administration - Dar es Salaam, Tuma Maombi Yako Mapema

Senior Manager, Credit Risk Administration

Type: Full Time
Category: Banking
Location: Dar-es-Salaam
Other Categories: Risk & Compliance , Accounting & Bookkeeping
Job Level: Senior Manager

Roles and Responsibilities
• Management of Credit Risk Administration unit and to provide administrative support to business unitse. Corporate, SME and Retail Banking.
• Formulation and constant review of the departmental operating procedures in line with our Bank's standards so as to establish legitimate control and discipline that would ensure compliance with lending principles and guidelines laid down in the Credit Policy Document.
• Preparation of monthly key risk indicators and control standards and advice the management of any issues ofconcern through Business& Operation Risk Committee(BORC).
• Establishment and analysis of appropriate Management Information Systems on Credit control, use of discretionarycredit authorities, documentation exceptions, line excesses, Banking Act compliance, defaults and expiredlimits and initiation of remedial action as Necessary.
• Implementation and control of termsand conditions of approval authorities as recommended in the credit requests(CRs).
• Checking and vetting of facility offer letters and all other security documents so as to ensure correctness, integrity and comprehensiveness of details/information and terms and conditions as per approved credit requests.
• Management and control of safe custody of bank’s security documents and its lodgments and withdrawals and finally release and reassignment against full repayment, cancellation of facilities.
• Management and control of the Credit/security documentation system so as to ensure close monitoring and follow up of expired lines and documents so that appropriate reviews are undertaken on a timely basis.
• Evaluationof training needs and formulation of appropriate training programmes for the credit risk control staff with credit responsibilities in liaison with Headof Credit Risk Managementand HR Manager.
• Management of the credit administration aspects of the portfolio, including ensuring that all requisite security documentations are in place prior to disbursements.
• Authorization of drawdowns or disbursements in requisite to security perfection or as deemed proper by approval authorities pending to perfection of proper documentation provided the risk elements are taken care of.
• Attending to customers (be internal or external) queries and ensure timely closeand feedback to complainant.
• Regular review of the Staff Loans to ensure compliance with the Staff Loan policy.
• Organize, manage and motivate the available human capital within Credit Risk Management Department through establishment of suitable organization structure and implementing development programmes to optimize competence and productivity.
• Put in place an MIS system that will enable continuous tracking of the department’s performance and provision of management and external reports.
• Representation of the unit in various meetings that require head of the unit to attend and present and respond to matters relating to the unit.
• Management and close follow up to law firms on the whole issue of preparation and registration of security documents toensure firm control and ownership of security properties during entire lending period.

Educational Qualifications
• University degree or equivalent and/or relevant professional qualification in banking, Risk Management, Risk Control or Accounting.

Experience Requirements
• Full awareness and appreciation of credit risks available in the market and their tools for control or mitgation.
• Experience, awareness and appreciation of the methodologies of controlling and administering credit risks in the banking industry.
• Proven leadership and people management skills with a high level of commitment and enthusiasm.
• Good communication, negotiation and presentation skills.
• Good experience in Credit Risk Control and exposure to modern risk management and portfolio management tools.
• A sounding knowledge in computer and awareness of any new and evolving technologies that would have impact to credit systems.
Competences Requirements
• Ability to evaluate quality of securities pledged and improvement of the quality of bank’s assets by maintaining independent control over loan/borrowing portifolio.
• Ability to evaluate level and impact of credit risk so as to minimize and mitigate credit losses.
• Ability to exercise initiatives and independent judgment on correctness and integrity of credit documentation.
• Ability to present, communicate and effect/implement essential changes in relation to credit policy changes or improvement so as to ensure perfect control over credit risks and portfolio management in the Bank.