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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Nafasi ya Kazi Product Rollout Specialist (Grade 9) - Tigo, Tuma Maombi Yako Mapema

Product Rollout Specialist (Grade 9)
Job Country:Tanzania

This role is responsible for daily operations of key commercial platforms. For each platform, the role is responsible for monitoring, testing, troubleshooting issues and performing operations where needed to the said platforms. These platforms include the Campaign Manager System (CMS), Dynamic Tigo Shop (USSD), Captive Portal, Xtreme Platform, the Broadcaster, Dynamic IVR, DPI and GY. The Platforms Specialist will report to the Platforms Manager.

• Designing, Configuring, Testing and Executing promotions on all platforms when need arises.
• Executing and verifying new product configurations and changes with the technical team. This will be done on all platforms according to commercial needs
• End to end management the processes for subscriber migration in different Classes of Service.
• Identifying and follow up until resolution for any issues that may come from the platforms.
• Ensuring of proper documentation of all tests of platform configurations/alterations/changes.
• Detailed designing of new CMS offers (i.e. scripting, pricing, channels, etc) and ensuring transparency in all offers deployed
• Collaborating with Commercial Coordination team to ensure that all communications directed to consumers are properly designed to ensure consistency of the messages delivered to the specific audiences

Expected knowledge and competencies
• Communication and people skills: experience in managing small teams and good communication both downwards and upwards within the organization (Advanced level required)
• Quality Assurance: experience in designing test plans of products (Basic level required)
• Financial modeling: good understanding of modeling of costs and revenues associated to offers, and comparison of the target groups with control groups (Intermediate level required)
• Mobile telecoms: good understanding of the mobile business, the main products and services, revenue streams, tariffs and offers, etc. (Intermediate level required)
• Positive and proactive attitude
• Problem solving
• Excel and database management tools (i.e. SAS, VBA, Access) (Basic level required)

• Desirable experience: IT / Data warehouse experience (or Commercial experience with a strong analytical component (e.g. customer base analytics, pricing, revenue assurance, etc.)),
• 2+ years in telecoms (2+ yrs total work experience), with a strong interest in the commercial side of the business
• Desirable education: university degree in IT, Mathematics, Physics (or alternatively Marketing, Engineering, Business Administration with the aforementioned analytical business experience)

This position is open to people: Local
"We are committed to equal employment opportunities and unbiased treatment of all individuals in all employment practices"
Only Successful Candidates will be contacted