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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Nafasi za Kazi Regional Health Services Outreach Supervisor & Zonal Site Coordinator PSI, Mwisho wa Kutuma Maombi ni Tarehe 10 July 2018


Job Purpose:
To ensure the provision of quality Health services to all public facilities at the regional level focusing on the client, satisfaction.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Creating annual master plan which will assist in monthly work plan/monthly cycle.
• Orient hired providers on the new/revised tools and protocols.
• Provide on the job coaching for hired provider when required.
• Provides coaching to driver on demand creation especially on health education.
• Preparing list of expendables that will be used in outreach events during the month and get approval from the respective leader.
• Preparing list of the range of family planning products to be used in outreach events during the month.
• Requesting equipment for outreach events from program team when needed.
• Ensure that PSI standards and procedures are followed in handling and reporting adverse events and complications.
• Ensure proper communication with referral doctors when handling adverse events and complications.
• Maintain regional database of regional referral doctors.
• Ensure update and communication with Quality Manager if regional list needs to be updated and referral doctors trained and identified.
• Preparation of monthly reports in accurate and timely manner(MIS, RCH 5, MTUHA)
• Collaborate with the local Government in major regional and districts events such as Family planning day, HIV/AIDS day etc.
• Participation in Comprehensive Council Health Plan (CCHP).
• Facility follow up maintained after outreach event

Academic, professional qualifications and relevant working experience
• Degree in Nursing/Midwifery or other related field.
• 2 years'experience managing health networks.
• Train. in Implants and IUCD insertions and removals, as well as short term and long term family planning methods including client screening, counseling and infection prevention.
• Knowledge of IMCI, CCSPT and PAC will be an added advantage.



Duties and Responsibilities:
Coordinating with local government
a) Compile and share plans and reports with local government
b) Participate regional/ districts meetings and share project progress
c) Coordinate regional staff site visits

Onboard, mentor and supervise all implementing partners
a) Orient and train Community Based Organizations (CB0s) implementing partner in regions
b) Coordinate with Monitoring &Evaluation (M&E) Advisor to develop program implementation QA checklists to use during supervision visits
c) Monitor activities using program implementation Quality Assurance (QA) checklists and feed data collected into data collection database.
d) Provide additional support, training and supervision to implementing partners identified via supervision visits
e) Collect and review monthly reports from partners

• Launch and oversee designated number of sites
a) Support implementing partners to identify locations for sites and to launch designated number of sites
b) Ensure all sites are in appropriate locations and likely to reach to target audience
c) Ensure all sites have a girl-identified Kuwa Mjanja(KM) provider
d) Ensure all sited meet standards and are engaged properly and following correct protocols

• Ensure projected number of events and activities conducted and that number of adopters reached
a) Monitor implementing partners to ensure projected number of events and activities conducted
b) Monitor adopter data to ensure program is on track for projected number of adopters
c) Identify challenges, problems and support needed from other members of the field team and/or project
d) Conduct field visits to ensure activities conducted as reported and to quality standards

• Ensure data collected following M&E procedure and protocols are submitted in timely manner. Review reports submitted by partners for accuracy.
• Coordinate services delivery and QA at KM activities
a) Coordinate with zonal and regional OA teams to ensure KM providers are meeting QA standards (including Youth Friendly Services (YFS) standards)
b) Coordinate identification of youth friendly providers with support from girl screeners and periodic girl-screen reviews of KM providers
c) Liaise with outreach teams to provide service delivery at KM events
d) Coordinator with outreach teams, Medical Advisor and QA Manager to ensure outreach providers are girl-identified, trained on KM and meet QA standards

Academic, professional qualifications and relevant working experience
• Degree in Statistics/Public health, Demography, Sociology and/ or any other related field.
• At least 2 years working experience in related field.
• Knowledge of computer applications, MS office packages.
• Experience developing presentation and reports.
• Experience in Program design and program coordination.
• Experience working with partners.
• Skilled in HCD process is an added advantage.
• Excellent interpersonal skill.

How to Apply:
Application for the position must include: Cover letter illustrating your suitability for the position against the listed requirements.
Detailed curriculum vitae showing contact address, email, and day -time mobile phone number (s) and three (3) referees, ONE being your last employer.

Application will be considered valid, if sent/received before 1700 hrs, Tuesday, 10th July, 2018. Please note that only short- listed applicants meeting the above requirements will be contact..
Send your application to [email protected] in MS Word or PDF file. Indicate the name of position you are applying for on the subject line of your email.

Source: Daily News 27 June, 2018