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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Nafasi ya Kazi Voice & Data Preposition Manager - CBURE8 - Vodafone, Mwisho wa Kutuma Maombi Tarehe 30 Jun 2018

Voice & Data Preposition Manager - CBURE8

The responsibilities GT: Voice / DATA role would be the following:
• Manage Voice and Data product pricing, planning, development and GTM coordination of all approved proposition plans to be implemented timely and drive Vodacom market share growth
• In charge of tracking, measuring & analysing Voice and Data portfolio performance and proposing marketing plans and activities to mitigate or leverage market conditions.
• Own the Voice and data competition landscape tracker and reviews to ensure we remain competitive in the market and realize strategic opportunities based on market requirements and the annual Roadmap.
• Active Management of processes & operations for Voice & Data propositions.


Voice and Data Business Planning
• Define Voice and Data units strategy
• Define and execute Voice and data roadmaps
• Lead in designing and developing Voice and Data offers followed by continuous monitoring and impact analysis
• Manage the execution and communication of all Voice and Data initiatives
• Participate directly in defining ATL and BTL promotions.
• Lead in the budget, forecasting exercises for Voice and Data; and reporting performance with relevant stakeholder for business visibility
• Manage all business intelligence activities from planning, KPIs & objectives definition to presenting results to the top management
• Evaluate business cases, pricing techniques and elasticity models to be implemented for Voice and Data initiatives
• Support market segment analysis to provide insight as to customer and market needs
• Conduct market/competitive analysis and work with other products, segments and marketing managers to form shared views of the marketplace

Documentation and coordination of Voice and Data products changes approvals and execution
• Manage the development and approval process of all Voice and Data MPSs.
• Manage the execution plan with technical teams, establish timelines, test plans & regulatory compliance.
• Follow up implementation by technical teams, report on any obstacles to implementation and obtain solutions to technical obstacles
• Manage customer experience before and after all changes

Product development process management

• Seek, collect and analyse ideas on Propositions & Initiatives. Coordinate stakeholder meetings to develop ideas further. Initiate proposition changes to reflect initiatives and follow up on performance
• Manage pilot phase of the product development process for approved products
• Manage the launch of new products (including product training) following successful pilots
• Monitor the post-launch performance of products in relation to generated revenue and customer satisfaction
• Coordinate interdepartmental deliverables with respect to new proposition introduction and roll-out

Market analysis and Voice & Data product development
• Generate product ideas through the product development process
• Support the production of concept briefs including specifications
• Provide feasibility analyses for (re)new products and services, including the coordination of relevant business cases
• Translate findings from market research team into insights and concepts, based on the marketing strategy and in line with product development principles, in order to contribute to the development and renewal of differentiated voice products
• Proactively monitor key customer facing platforms to make sure that customer have a good quality of service; raise issues to technical teams in due time

Voice & Data Product review
• Prepare new/re-vamped products and services for approval and market roll out
• Develop recommendations for improvements
• Evaluate products and services specifications and initiate and realize changes if necessary, taking into account internal and external customer demands and sentiments, while following the established approval process, leading to the constant improvement of products and services.

Support (Knowledge Centre) & Lead Internet and Voice Innovation
• Perform constant benchmarking of Voice and data portfolio Vs other market players
• Drive the development of product concept briefs
• Ensure the availability of updated product/proposition knowledgebase
• Support the develop & execute internal and external training for products, services & functions

under purview
Analytical Skills
• Visualization & Articulation
• Presentation & Communication
• Critical Thinking & Problem solving


• Analytical & Critical Thinking Skills
• Coordinating Skills
• Networking Skills
• Interpersonal Skills
• Trouble Shooting Skills
• Problem Solving Skills
• Communication Skills
• Negotiation Skills
• People’s Management skills
• Leadership skills
• Relationship Building Skills
• Time and Task Management Skills
• Conflict Management Skills
• Degree or equivalent in Commerce, Economics or related fields

Job Type: Full-time
Employment Type : Permanent
Closing Date: 30-Jun-18, 11:59:00 PM