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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nafasi ya Kazi RAN NPO Engineer - Nokia, Tuma Maombi Yako Mapema


- Performs optimization in terms of capacity, architecture, performance, analyses counters and metrics on current capacity and usage.
- Proactively plans and performs advanced technical activities requiring knowledge in multiple areas or on a system level to service the customer. Prioritizes work based on customer impact, and brings expertise to customer site on need basis.

- Defines a complete communication system/network to meet customer’s requirements: system dimensioning & design, design interfaces between the network elements in an end to end view
- Defines the criteria to assess network performance from end-user / service perspective & monitors those criteria
- Identifies and anticipates proactively network performance issues (traffic/quality/resiliency) and provides recommendations for improvement
- Optimizes the capacity of the network to meet traffic increase and customer requirements thanks to either network extension or existing network modification
- Ensures that design & optimization guaranty the capability for the network to provide end-user new services in line with customer environment, business goals/drivers and quality
- Continuously looks for new business opportunities by proactively encouraging customers at exploring new solutions and triggering upsell opportunities
- Plans and executes RF NPO related technical technical tasks requiring specialist skills in own professional area. Works independently with the responsibility for solving RF related network optimization customer request cases and reporting outcomes according to defined processes. Identifies and solves technical problems. Shares knowledge in own professional area with the customer and immediate team members. May be required to support technical cases by participating in emergency and 24/7 rota duty.

The RAN NPO Engineer will be responsible for the design and planning of cellular radio networks (2G/3G). This will be either as an extension to the network or as part of a network modernisation (swap) scenario. Once the network is planned and functioning accordingly, the Radio Planning & Optimisation Engineer will be required to assess the network's performance and make improvement adjustments in order to optimise the performance and subscriber experience.

- Develops and maintains a trust & win-win relationship with customer

- Radio Planning:
- Radio Network Engineering
- Link Budget Engineering
- Nominal & Final Cell Planning
- Technical Site Surveys
- Radio Parameter & Feature planning
- Frequency Planning (incl. Frequency Hopping)
- Network modernisation / swap planning
- Radio Network Tuning
- Planning consultancy

Radio Optimisation:
- Network Performance KPI assessment and reporting
- Radio Measurement Analysis & RF recommendations
- Network Feature & Parameter Optimisation
- Traffic Modelling & Capacity Forecasting
- Radio Network Performance Optimisation
- Multivendor Optimisation / Intelligent Optimisation with Measurement Report data
- Automatic Cell Planning (ACP)
- Optimisation consultancy

- Communication
- Consulting & Customer Business Support
- Network Operations

- Broad experience in multiple RF technologies and interworking network elements
- Experience of network engineering, design, optimization in:
2G RF NPO Working Knowledge on Nokia’s Rel RG40 and above required
3G RF NPO Working Knowledge in Nokia’s Rel RU50 and above required

Min 4 Years 2G Radio Planning & Optimization on Nokia’s RF Solution
Min 3 Years 3G Radio Planning & Optimization on Nokia’s RF Solution
Min 1 year working on RF network swap projects

- Proficient in Windows 7 & MS Office (Excel, Word, Power Point)
- Asset Enterprise Multiradio Planner / NetAct Multiradio Planner
- NetAct Reporter Suite & Configurator & NetAct Optimizer
- MUSA Tool
- MapInfo GIS
- Actix Analyzer / Nemo Analyzer

B Sc / B Eng / B Tech Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications / Radio)