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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Nafasi ya Kazi Pharmaceutical Technical Support Officer - Tanzania, Tuma Maombi Yako Mapema

Pharmaceutical Technical Support Officer, Tanzania

Job Details
Level Experienced
Job Location Tanzania - Kibondo,
Position Type Full Time
Job Category Other


Position Summary: The Pharmacist Officer will report to the Program Manager for all pharmaceutical related project matters, which include quality, adequacy, appropriate and accessible prescribed medicines, medical consumables and equipment in the supported health facilities. He/she will be responsible for accurate and efficient processing of orders of medicines and medical consumables, mobilization and delivery. The Roving Pharmacist will provide services throughout multiple medical clinics and refugee sites.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
 Ensure procured and received medicines and medical consumables and equipment comply with the national policy on good manufacturing practices requirements.
 Establish and review written procedures for the safe and effective mobilization, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals products in program.
 Collaborate with partner’s pharmacy staff and other health professionals to develop an approved drug list for unit dose inventories, medical prescriptions and medical records complying to national protocols and standards.
 Develop and supervise a system of control and accountability for drugs, medical consumables and equipment in the supported health facilities.
 Consult with other health care professionals and organize and conduct assessments and studies as necessary to ensure all services provided are in the best interests of the patient and conform to established professional standards and applicable national policies.
 In close collaborations with other health professionals, review prescription records periodically in health departments, analyse and offer technical feedback to the public and health professionals.
 Develop a system of control and accountability of all drugs dispensed; in close collaborations with health professionals verify accuracy of records periodically depending on prescription volume.
 Develop a database of drug management, tracking the supply chain system, in and out flows, inventory, record keeping and control to detect consumption of products, shortages or discrepancies in controlled substances at the earliest possible time.
 Maintain regular communication with the Program Manager of pharmacy regarding program progress and issues that require senior management attention.
 Perform any other duties as required and assigned by the Program Manager.
 Professional health degree required, Bachelor of Pharmacy or advanced diploma in pharmaceuticals
 Minimum of 3 years in management of pharmacy, medical warehouses, or larger health facilities
 Proven experience with drug supply chain management, including establishing orders, procurement and warehousing.
 Demonstrated strong written medicines reports, in terms of available quantities, quality and timely projecting needs. Skills in designing, monitoring, and evaluating health interventions.
 Experience providing supportive supervision and facilitating capacity building for a multi-disciplinary team.

Key Behavior and Abilities:
 Fluency in English and Swahili, speaking and writing.
 Knowledge of and experience in working with and coordinating with government, international and national partner organizations.
 Ability to live and productively work in resource limited settings, unstable and/or harsh environments.
 Must be able to work independently while being a strong team player with proven management and leadership skills.

Application Instructions
Interested applicants who meet the criteria should email their materials for consideration to; [email protected]
Please note clearly in the subject line what position you are applying to.
This is a local national hire and this position is contingent on funding confirmed 1 July.
Time Commitment:
12 months (renewable subject to performance and funding)