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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Nafas ya Kazi Digital Content & Partnership Manager- Vodacom, Tuma Maombi Yako Mapema

Digital Content & Partnership Manager

Role purpose:
• Manages all negotiations and contract creation where applicable on digital partnership.
• Ensure sustainability of the digital services throughout the lifecycle with aggressive content in place
• Enhancement of the existing digital services with more updated features, content and functionality
• Ensures all digital content and services are reflected on all digital channels accordingly with support of Digital Channels section
• Manages and execute E2E all digital partnership to the market
• Take and push all services to the market
• Drive actionable commercial insights to increase customer uptake on respective services
• Support the execution of partnership to the market bundled with core services
• Support the services while it’s been taken to the market for execution
• Follow up on progress and drive directly all actionable commercial insights where necessary
• Support upselling of different CBU products/offers (CVM/Segment) across all digital services
• Develop and execute the overall roadmap of digital services in line with the Digital/VAS roadmap
• Manages the calendar of events in alignment with different function within CBU (intensive content calendar to drive data usages and reason to use Vodacom network)
• Capability to source and understand any new innovation in the markets from time to time and on board strategically with value added across different function within the company
• Increase overall growth of Data usage bucket with smart monetization of digital content on our network with collaboration of different department within CBU i.e. CVM and Segment

Key accountabilities and decision ownership
• Develop a strong Digital Partnership strategy to win market share on the digital space across operators
• Ensure all negotiations are derived as per company procedures and in parallel ensure excellent relationship with all its business partners across the digital partnership
• Manage E2E Go to market of the Digital partnership
• Support different unit within CBU with availability of products/services/offers across digital partnership.
• Consistent monitoring of the Digital Partnership, subscribers, usage and propositions and recommend actions based on performance
• Ensure sustainability of all digital partnership with enhancement of new innovations to keep up with the changing technology
• Ensure increase of growth of Data usages contributed by all the digital content and services.
• Ensure growth of all digital content and services

Core competencies, knowledge and experience
• Excellent analytical and logical reasoning skills translated from consumer insights
• Excellent communication skills
• Strong stakeholder management skills
• Ability to anticipate customer, competitor and market dynamics
• Strong understanding of the digital services and changing technology.

• 5+ years’ experience industry or functional experience.
• Bachelor degree in Computer Science, IT, Business Administration, Marketing or its equivalent
• Strong analytical skills and business acumen.
• Strong understanding of technology, non-telecom services or design of the same with intelligence to understand ways of generating revenue in smart manner as per company procedures
• Build and maintain relationship with key stakeholders in the value chain.
• Telecommunications experience would be advantageous.
• Strong understanding of managing projects.